Aluminum Foil And Self-Adhesive Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulation Sheets

Covered with aluminum foil; The power of self-adhesive feature allows saving labor and time.

High quality aluminum and polyester laminated surface provides resistance to UV rays and external factors.

The most suitable size for duct insulation; 100cm, 120cm and 150cm width sheets, production in 7 different thickness intervals ;

Due to its elastic structure, help relieve vibration appearing in the ducts.

PA-Flex contact adhesive; It helps to get productive results in duct installation.

Reduces the use of the band and reduces the waste rate in round and square cross-section channels.

Reduces the scrap rate to 2-3%.

Operationg temperature is between -40 / + 120 ° C.

It has a density of 42-55 kg/m³.